Which Is Better For Transactions? Cash or Credit Card?

When you shop, which one do you prefer, using cash or credit card? They both have important roles that can be customized for each use. For example, cash is used so much in everyday life that cash is very handy to spend anywhere and anytime. With this cash, you will no longer have to find a shopping mall that uses machines.

This is different from the use of credit cards

This is different from the use of credit cards

That need to be swiped to an EDC machine even though they are used as payment tools when shopping. Credit cards are more useful when buying products that offer special pricing/offers. Plus, many merchants accept credit card payments so you don’t have to worry about shopping with a credit card.

After the brief explanation above, how often do you use cash and credit cards? Which one is better between the two? Here’s how TimiKimi explains the advantages and disadvantages of both types of payments:


As we know that dealing with a debit/credit card must still use a provider signal for transactions. Sometimes there are places where there are signal barriers to transacting. So, for the sake of convenience, it’s a good idea to keep cash in your wallet.

Small Debts

With cash, the likelihood of debt is reduced and bond cash is reduced. In addition, cash transactions are also completed immediately without the need for additional fees or renewals.

Risk of Crime

Risk of Crime

Carrying a large amount of cash can invite/lure someone into maliciously stealing their money. The risk of this shoot is still high and is a serious problem. So, bring enough cash.

Easily Missing / Missing

You probably don’t know if you like putting money back in a bag, pants, or car. Even if collected, the value is certainly good.

Not Practical

Bringing in so much cash is definitely not practical. The wallet feels heavy and messy. Isn’t that right, Don Camillo?

Credit Card

Faster and Precise

Paying for a loan method can shorten the time as you no longer have to find an ATM to withdraw cash or wait for a refund. The transaction value you issued is right up to the last number.

Safe & Transparent

Safe & Transparent

Credit cards are safer than cash. Why? In the event of a loss, your card can be immediately blocked and different from the cash lost just for theft. For transparency, every credit card transaction will be recorded.

Easy Fishing Debt

Credit cards generally have a lot of great discounts and cashback program offers. This is why you are stuck in debt. It’s so easy to use, you may not even realize that a credit card will get you out of debt.

Although these two payment tools are still a debate, the public still uses both to make transactions.